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Faraday bags are soaring in popularity, but what’s driving the surge in these bags? They’re not new - they’ve been used by diplomats, police and government entities for a long time now - so why are consumers rushing to buy a faraday bag, what do they actually do and how can you find the best one?

We got you covered ;)

What is a Faraday Bag?

Faraday bags (sometimes called faraday cages) prevent signals from transmitting from your digital devices.

You can utilize them to block radiation, prevent skimming, go completely dark or prevent

Faraday bags - originally used with police work and diplomats are becoming more popular with everyday people concerned about privacy as data theft cases have jumped as have common tactics like signal jacking that leads people to stealing vehicles or getting into places they otherwise shouldn't.

Health and fitness enthusiasts are also using faraday bags to block out distractions and EMF signals while they work and workout as the health concerns of constant digital device exposure is being studied more.

Why Use a Faraday Bag?

There’s several reason to use a faraday bag. Here’s the start of a short list:

Benefits of a Faraday Bag

There's a ton of benefits of faraday bags and you're going to see their use rise over the next few years. Here's a few reasons they're becoming so popular.

Data Theft Is Rising

As people are storing more and more things on their laptops, cell phones and tablets - the amount of data stored on these devices is staggaring. Accordingly, the amount of value in that data is also rising and data thieves are starting to take notice. Some places report a 68% increase in data-related cases year over year.

With an increase that high - people are right to start to be more concerned about protecting their belongings - both physical and digital.

Protect Your Personal Data

With a faraday bag blocking the signals incoming and outgoing from your device - it's much easier to rest easy knowing that you're not accidentally sending out signals to unwanted devices or that no one is skimming your phone for a treasure trove of data.

Faraday bags are a relatively cheap and effective way to make sure you don't fall a victim to the rising data crime rates.

Protect The Data Of Your Families

Your data isn't the only data on your devices. From your devices, a thief can find out a ton of things about you and your family including schedules, locations, and a whole lot more.

When you use a faraday bag to protect your privacy - you're also protecting the privacy of those in your family you care about.

Easy Access

Faraday cages were bulky and early faraday bags were cumbersome, but the technology has improved so much recently that you can easily have a slim faraday bag that protects your privacy while also keeping things close at hand. Faraday bags can be cool, safe, and accessible now in ways they used to not be.

Improved Focus

Many people use faraday bags to just put their phones away and get less screen time. It's incredible how much focus you can have when you're not interrupted by the pings and rings of your phone going off.

A faraday bag blocks that signal so your phone doesn't go off randomly throughout the workday and can make you focus more on the task at hand - whether that's writing, working, reading or working out.

Prevent Car Theft

THere's been a huge spike in car theft over the past few years and many thieves use a device to amplify the key fob and open the lock of the car instead of physically breaking into the car.

Essentially - you can scan and find the frequency of a key fob - then you can replicate and duplicate it to open it on your own - no original key needed!

A faraday bag can help prevent this from happening and there's a rise in key fob specific faraday bags (which we'll cover a bit later on) that can help you from falling victim to these scams.

The Best Faraday Bag for Your Phone

As the market for faraday bags for your phone have blown up over the past few years, so have the options.

And man - some of these look cool.

While personally - we’re not going on secret diplomatic missions abroad or holding any evidence in custody - these are going to get plenty of use from us while working and blocking out distractions or safe keeping for our phone while we’re in the gym.

Here’s our top faraday bags for your phone. You know what to do from here.


Price: $30

Size: 8.05″ x 9.45″

Signals Blocked:Most signals

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (1)

Can a faraday bag be sexy?We're not sure about the rules, but if there was a sexy faraday bag - this would be it. With a velcro closure and magnetic seal - this guy is lock tight and looks the part. The all black, with subtle logo and some texture to make it standout - this faraday bag is going into our collection.It's also water and dust resistant -this thing can go anywhere.

Buy at OffGrid


Price: $49.97

Size: 4”x7.5”

Signals blocked: Cell, GPS, EMF, Wifi, EMP

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (2)

We like that GoDark's got a unique fastening system. With the roll top and strap you know you that it's closed every time.Also, you might not notice it at first, but it's got a foam padding so if you drop your device - you've got more protection than you would dropping it on it's own.

GoDark, stay dark, and always be protected.

Buy at GODark

JACKET by Faraday Defense

Price: $29.99

Size: 4”x7.5”

Signals blocked: Cell, GPS, RFID, Wifi

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (3)

Pitched as forensic-level faraday bags - these bags from Faraday Defense don't look like anything special. Pretty standard closures and velcro straps here - but their primary focus is effectiveness.

You can rest easy knowing your gear is well protected.

Buy at Faraday Defense


Price: $59.95

Size:6.10 x 3.54 in

Signals Blocked: Cell, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMP, EMF, Radiation.

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (4)

We love the simple, streamlined look of all of SLNT's products. Simple and black and focused on blending in - this offers protection along with a black on black fashion statement that goes with anything and won't stand out. Just great stuff all around.

Buy at SLNT

PS1 by

Price: Unknown

Size: 11cm x 19cm

Signals Blocked

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (5)

This looks like bag that you'd take with you on a Mission Impossible style adventure. With a closing clasp to make sure nothing slips or gives - this not only does the work, but looks the part. Easy fastening and closing.The only problem we have is it's not nearly as easy to order this online as it is the other (maybe you have to give them your agent code name to qualify).

View it on their site

The Best Faraday Bags for your Key Fob

Beyond your normal every faraday bags, there's a special set of faraday bags designed for key fobs for cars and other electronic devices. While it's possible to scan for signals and signal jack signals emmited by FOBs - a key fob servers to protect your fob devices so you don't end up getting your car jacked overnight (or worse).

We've actually had this happen to us while we were at a basketball game - so you could get your valuables stolen while you're in the middle of your yoga routine. Not great Bob!

Protect your stuff and your peace of mind.Here's our favorite key fob faraday bags.

Offgrid Faraday Key Fob Bag

Price: $20

Size:4.02" x 6.88"

A super clean, minimalist key fob design to protect your keys from signal jacking. A simple foldable velcro closure (standard), but this comes with a keychain - which means you don't have to be searching for this all over the place when you eventually misplace your keys.

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (6)

Buy at Offgrid

JACKET Faraday Key Fob by Faraday Defense

Price: $26.99

Size: 4.5" x 6.5"

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (7)

Sleek and foldable - this is a nice, low key option to protect your keys and FOB from unwanted signal jackers. With a velcro closure - this is both easy to close and easy to access. Worth checking out for $26 in our opinion.

Buy at Faraday Defense

GODark Faraday Bag for FOB

Price: $46.97

Size: 2.13" x 1.1" x 3.54"

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (8)

A more solid option than the others - this is an aluminum casing that protects your key fob from all signals across the board. With a magnetic closing - it keeps things tight and you don't have to worry about slippage.

GODark also markets this as beneficial for crypto hardware wallets, but we can't confirm.

Buy at GoDARK


Price: $19.95

Size: 5.1" x 4.12"

The 5 Best Faraday Bags in 2023 | MoveWell™ (9)

Sleek and simple - like all their product - this is so simple you don't even need the vowels in "silent." Ideal for the EDCgrey man or someone who just wants security without a lot of fuss.

Buy at SLNT

How to DIY a Faraday Bag

Coming Soon

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