Removable Veneers USA: Most Realistic Snap-On Veneers? - Smile Prep (2023)

Removable Veneers USA: Most Realistic Snap-On Veneers? - Smile Prep (1)

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry offers plenty of ways to transform your smile. The problem with traditional approaches? Most can only handle one or two aesthetic concerns, and you’ll pay a pretty penny for that dental work.

Snap-on veneers like those from Removable Veneers USA offer a comprehensive smile makeover that costs less than the majority of alternative in-office treatments. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, let’s find out! Here’s everything you need to know about Removable Veneers USA.

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Removable Veneers USA at a Glance

Removable Veneers USA makes products meant to disguise dental imperfections without actually treating the underlying condition, allowing people to transform their smiles for an event, on occasion, or in their daily lives. Their veneers are customized to your teeth and fully removable, requiring no teeth preparation or office visits.

While the term veneers might make you think of long-term dental alterations, when it comes to removable veneers, all results are temporary, lasting only as long as you wear them. In some ways, this is a downside. However, Removable Veneers USA can help cover up many different cosmetic dental issues, including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Irregularities in the enamel
  • Chipped teeth
  • Small teeth
  • Teeth with silver caps and fillings

This can be amazing — for the right person. Unfortunately, Removable Veneers USA and other companies like them cannot help those who have active tooth decay or gum disease. Their veneers also cannot fit over fixed appliances, so if you have these, you won’t be eligible for treatment. Finally, if you have had certain types of cosmetic or restorative dentistry such as crowns or traditional veneers, you won’t be able to use snap-on veneers.

How Does Removable Veneers USA Work? Our Experience.

We tried Removable Veneers USA, and it was pretty easy to get started. When you place your order, you’ll decide if you want to cover one arch or two, choose a veneer color and model, and select a financing option (if you need one).

Removable Veneers USA: Most Realistic Snap-On Veneers? - Smile Prep (2)

After we placed our order, the impression kit arrived in just a few days, and a customer support representative texted us right away to introduce herself and provide instructions. We’ve used impression kits for several snap-on veneer and clear aligner companies, and this one was no different from the rest — it included trays for top and bottom teeth, putty, and instructions. However, it only includes three trays and sets of putty, while some other kits include five, so you’ll have fewer chances to nail your impression.

After you take your first impression, they request a photo via text so their lab can confirm that you’ve done it correctly. If they approve it, you can complete the rest of your impressions and mail them back, along with a completed information card. However, they might also request a better-quality photo or provide feedback on your impression.

Removable Veneers USA impression kit box, trays, and putty

Removable Veneers USA impression trays in a row

Removable Veneers USA putty sets in a row

Once Removable Veneers USA receives your impressions, they’ll let you know if they are good enough to make your veneers. If not, you’ll be asked to complete another impression kit. They’ll craft your veneers and ship them directly to you, which should take around 30 business days. We received our veneers five weeks after the lab approved our impressions. If you want your veneers sooner than that, you can opt for expedited shipping at checkout; they offer two different options.

Once you have your veneers, just clean them and pop them in. If you have any concerns about the look or fit, simply contact Removable Veneers USA, and they’ll help you get it sorted out.

Removable Veneers USA case and veneer side by side

Hand holding Removable Veneers USA veneer

(Video) Snap On Veneers Warning

Overall, day-to-day use is pretty simple. You take your veneers out to sleep, and if you have the occasional wear option, when you eat. Every time you put them back in, pause to thoroughly clean them and your teeth first. And that’s it!

We think Removable Veneers USA veneers look pretty realistic and did an admirable job matching our natural teeth surfaces. See for yourself in these before and after photos:

Natural smile without snap-on veneers

Smile with Removable Veneers USA veneers

Pros and Cons of Removable Veneers USA

Removable Veneers USA is our #2-ranked snap-on veneer service, and they score 4.5/5 overall based on our review criteria. They’re an excellent company with a long track record, and most of the people who use their products are thrilled with their new smiles. However, no snap-on veneer provider is perfect. To make an informed decision, you need to know Removable Veneers USA’s biggest advantages and disadvantages.


  • Excellent Durability

    Their veneers can last up to 10 years — longer than any other remote snap-on veneer company lays claim to.
  • Multiple Shade Options

    They have three different shades to choose from, so you’re bound to find the right fit for your unique look.
  • Financing Options

    They offer six different payment plan options — both with and without credit checks. With so many options, it’s likely you’ll find one that works for your budget.


  • Slower Turnaround Times

    It takes Removable Veneers USA slightly longer to manufacture and ship your veneers than other companies, but they also offer multiple rush processing options.
  • Moderate Prices

    Though Removable Veneers USA doesn’t have the highest prices in the industry, they aren’t the most affordable option on the market either.

Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

This depends on your priorities. If you want a durable, highly customizable option with flexible financing, then Removable Veneers USA is a great option.


When you make a major purchase, you want reassurance that you’re getting a quality product. This is even more true for cosmetic items. But the good news is that Removable Veneers USA produces durable, comfortable products.


Most snap-on veneers are made from either acrylic or resin — often crystallized acetyl resin — though copolyester is also an option. Removable Veneers USA uses what they call “dental resin” and they state that it is thin, durable, and natural-looking.

We would love to know a bit more about the specifics of the material, but on the whole, their customers do report that the material lives up to their claims.


All of Removable Veneers USA’s products are sturdy, but if you select their Superior model, you’ll get top-of-the-line durability and longevity.

Superior veneers often last 5–10 years with 20 hours of daily wear. No other remote snap-on veneer company offers an estimated lifespan that long. Their Premium Plus model can last 3–5 years, and their Premium Veneers — their occasional wear option — can last 1–2 years.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your veneers, avoid wearing them while you eat and take care of them correctly. Remove them before bed and always place them in their protective case when you aren’t wearing them.


Snap-on veneers are rarely comfortable right from the start, but that’s not a reflection of their quality. Any foreign object in your mouth is going to feel a little weird at first. And snap-on veneers can make your teeth seem thicker, sometimes briefly affecting your speech.

Removable Veneers USA claims that their thin material helps customers avoid these problems. While it might lessen them, those who have used their veneers still note having had a lisp while they grew accustomed to the veneers. However, customer reports of discomfort or ill-fitting veneers are few and far between, and that’s what really matters.

Some customers say they experienced a little soreness at first because the veneers place a small amount of pressure on the teeth. While this pressure isn’t enough to cause damage unless the veneers were made wrong, it can make the teeth sensitive for a few days with regular wear, and often each time with occasional wear.

We got their Premium model veneers, and even though they fit perfectly, they were slightly tight and uncomfortable to wear. However, we didn’t wear them on a daily basis, and they typically get more comfortable as you wear them more often.


This is a major concern for people considering snap-on veneers — especially those looking to hide missing teeth. If you’ve ever seen a person’s dentures slip out of place, you know how embarrassing it can be, and you don’t want that to happen with your veneers.

The vast majority of Removable Veneers USA customers report perfectly fitting veneers and zero slippage. Those that did experience it noted that the company remade their product and corrected the issue. So, don’t expect your veneers to slip, but if they do, know that the company will make it right.

If slippage is a top concern for you, consider opting for their Premium Plus or Superior Veneers, which are designed with “tight seal, snap-in technology,” which may keep this issue at bay.


Nine times out of ten, people choose snap-on veneers over more permanent teeth-altering treatments because of their affordability. Snap-on veneers are frequently hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less than traditional cosmetic dentistry treatments. And this remains true with Removable Veneers USA.

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Sticker Price

Removable Veneers USA isn’t the most affordable snap-on veneer provider. However, it’s far from the most expensive. Their Premium Veneers (standard option) cost $699 for both arches or $499 for one, their Premium Plus Veneers are $899 for both arches or $699 for one, and their Superior Veneers are $1,499 for both arches or $999 for one.

Depending on which model you choose, this pricing is slightly higher than the industry average. But this price tag doesn’t just cover the veneers. You also get the impression kit, the carrying case, and a few smaller items that help you get started with your snap-on veneer journey.


No matter which option you select or how many arches you wish to cover, you may find that Removable Veneers USA is a little bit too expensive to pay for outright. If so, you can opt for financing.

Removable Veneers USA has six financing options: Affirm, AfterPay, Sezzle, ShopPay, Klarna, and an in-house payment plan. Their in-house option simply breaks the total cost into two payments: one due when you place your order, and the second due before they ship out your veneers. The best part? It doesn’t require a credit check.

Their third party financing options cover a lot of ground — some don’t have any fees, some feature low monthly payments, and some work with low credit scores. No matter your budget or situation, it’s likely you’ll find an option that works for you.

Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, dental insurance providers do not cover any snap-on veneers since they are fully cosmetic and not monitored by a dentist. But that doesn’t mean all is lost. If you have a health savings account, you might be able to use this to cover part or all of the cost. Speak with your account administrator to learn more.


You are a busy adult with a lot to juggle every day. You don’t want to turn your new smile into just another ball in the air. Ultimately, all snap-on veneers need some accommodations, but with Removable Veneers USA, these are pretty minimal, making it a fairly convenient option.

The Start-Up Process

You’ll kick off your Removable Veneers USA journey by taking your own dental impressions — molds of your teeth that the company can use to craft perfect-fitting veneers. Many people find that completing their impression kit is the hardest part of remote dental treatment since they’ve never had to make molds of their teeth before. Removable Veneers USA works to make this process easier for their customers by providing a video tutorial on their website and detailed instructions in the kit.

They also make room for error. Their impression kit includes enough putty to make five impressions per arch — more than any other company offers. This puts less pressure on you and more of a focus on learning and growing.

Shipping and Production Turnaround

Some companies take a long time to make and ship out your veneers. However, not everyone can wait a long time to transform their smile. Maybe you have a specific event in mind or you just really need a confidence boost. Whatever the deadline, Removable Veneers USA won’t likely keep you waiting too long.

The company’s standard shipping and production should have your veneers in your hands within 30 business days of receiving your impressions. However, you can pay $99 more for their Rush Processing, which delivers your veneers in just 21–25 business days. Or, you can pay an extra $149 for Ultra Rush Processing, which delivers them in 14–21 business days.

As we mentioned above, we received our veneers about five weeks after Removable Veneers USA approved our impressions — which is slightly slower than other companies. However, shipping time can vary depending on your location, and you can always choose one of their expedited processing options if you need your veneers sooner.

Daily Wear Experience

On the whole, wearing Removable Veneers USA products is pretty simple. Just be sure to brush and floss your teeth, then clean your veneers after each meal.

The guidelines for eating in your veneers depend on which model you choose. You can eat most foods in their Premium Plus Veneers, and the Superior Veneers get the greenlight for eating all foods. Since the Premium Veneers are an occasional wear option, it’s usually best to remove these for mealtimes.

No matter which veneers you choose, avoid hot beverages and other sources of heat. Expect to have a slight learning curve when it comes to disengaging the veneers to remove them. Other than that, using Removable Veneers USA is pretty intuitive.


The whole point of wearing snap-on veneers is the fact that they improve the appearance of your teeth — or do they? Poorly made snap-on veneers will leave you with something more akin to Halloween teeth than a Hollywood smile. So where does Removable Veneers USA fall on the spectrum between Dracula and Dwayne Johnson?


Removable Veneers USA uses high-quality materials that look pretty realistic. While we don’t know much about their dental resin, customers say that it mimics the look of real teeth quite well. It isn’t too thick, and the texture comes very close to your natural teeth surfaces, so no one will be able to tell the difference.


Snap-on veneers are part of a smile makeover, so many customers choose a shade that is whiter than their natural teeth. However, some people still want a slightly duller color, like a natural stain, just to make it less obvious that they’ve revamped their smile.

Luckily, Removable Veneers USA has you covered no matter which kind of smile update you’d like to make. Their three shades — celebrity white, natural white, and champagne white — run the gamut. You can light up a room with a Hollywood smile, or approach your transformation with a little more subtlety. It’s all up to you and what you want for your unique look.

We chose their natural white and found it to be a nice balance — brighter than our natural teeth, but not so white that they look fake.

Natural Appearance

Perhaps the biggest concern people have with snap-on veneers is that they’re going to look fake. However, customers report that Removable Veneers USA’s products improved their smiles while still looking realistic. You get the most natural look if you select their Premium Plus or Superior Veneers because they are 3D printed, which allows them to better match your gum line and create visual definition between the teeth.

Plus, Removable Veneers USA uses translucent white technology on their Superior model, which they say helps light pass through the structure of the veneers in a way that closely mimics a natural smile.

We found our Premium veneers to be an excellent match for our real teeth. Even up close, it was difficult to tell when we had them in. Out of all the veneers we tried, they were the least noticeable.

Missing Teeth

One of snap-on veneers’ best features is their ability to cover multiple missing teeth in each arch. This not only covers the gaps but also restores a degree of function. The issue here is that just hiding the gap behind resin that is the same thickness as the rest of the veneer will cause a noticeable difference in color. Unfortunately, Removable Veneers USA doesn’t fill these gaps with resin, so color uniformity isn’t assured.

Customer Support

Quality, cost, convenience, and appearance all play major roles in your experience with any snap-on veneer service. But what about the finer details that aren’t typically covered in product profiles? Things like guarantees, refund policies, and other items can truly make or break your experience.

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Guarantees and Warranties

Removable Veneers USA offers a competitive satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the fit of your removable veneers (or if the product has a defect), you will be eligible for up to three free remakes.

This warranty only covers defects in the materials and craftsmanship, so things like misuse of the product or unauthorized alterations will not qualify. You have the option to extend this 30-day warranty to one year for an extra $99, and an extra two years for $149. However, the Superior model comes with the one year warranty already included. Regardless of which model you purchase, Removable Veneers USA charges a copay per arch if you file a claim.


Removable Veneers USA’s refund policy is standard in the snap-on veneer industry. They won’t offer returns or refunds once you’ve used the impression kit. And even in that case, they charge a 30% restocking fee. In lieu of refunds, the company offers to remake your veneers so they match your expectations.

Customer Education

There’s a knowledge gap for customers who are new to snap-on veneers. Many companies work to fill this in with videos, extensive FAQ sections, and detailed blog posts. Removable Veneers USA does have a pretty educational blog, but everything else is lacking. We’d love to see them do better here, perhaps with a more active YouTube account that branches out beyond reposting reviews of their products.

Customer Service Responsiveness

You can contact Removable Veneers USA by email, phone, text, or web chat. The most notable feature of their customer support is the fact that they assign a personal design consultant to each customer, delivering assistance that is truly tailored to them.

During the impression kit process, the representative who reached out to us via text was always extremely quick to respond with helpful answers when we had questions.

What Are Removable Veneers USA Customers Saying?

We’ve hit you with a lot of information about Removable Veneers USA — so much that you probably know whether or not they’re the right option for you. But there is one more thing you need to consider: the experiences of those who have already used their veneers. So, here is a summary of what Removable Veneer USA customers have to say.

Biggest Praises

  • The 3D printed veneers come very close to the natural appearance of the teeth.
  • The company offers a lot of direct and personalized support.
  • Customers feel they get a truly customized product, especially with the Premium Plus and Superior Veneers.
  • The price makes transforming smiles more affordable than traditional cosmetic options.

Most Notable Complaints

  • The Premium Veneers are rather weak and look less natural.
  • Some find the edges of their veneers are too sharp.
  • Their production and shipping times can be a bit slow.

Want to hear the words directly from the customers themselves? Here are some of the most helpful Removable Veneers USA reviews on YouTube.

Removable Veneers USA: Most Realistic Snap-On Veneers? - Smile Prep (10)

Removable Veneers USA: Most Realistic Snap-On Veneers? - Smile Prep (11)

Removable Veneers USA vs. Other Snap-On Veneers

Removable Veneers USA is a wonderful company to work with, and it has a lot of happy customers singing its praises. Still, it’s not the only option, and another company might end up being a better fit for you. Here are three competitors that we think are worth a look.

Shiny Smile

When it comes to snap-on veneers, you want the best. Shiny Smile delivers. It is the most well-reviewed snap-on veneers provider operating today, one known for its affordability. The one real downside to Shiny Smile is that they only offer a single veneer model, so you sacrifice some flexibility in your purchase.


Many are drawn to snap-on veneers due to their comparative affordability to traditional cosmetic dentistry. But even in a competitively priced industry, TruSmile is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market. However, like Shiny Smile, they don’t have multiple models to choose from.

Brighter Image Lab

Brighter Image Lab has been in business for over two decades, making it the most experienced snap-on veneer provider available. Plus, they offer three different models of snap-on veneers. Just expect to pay more for their experience and technology — their most expensive model is four times the price of many competitors.

Final Thoughts

Removable Veneers USA can mask a wide variety of cosmetic concerns and are great for people without previous restorative dentistry, active tooth decay, or gum disease. But they don’t correct; they only conceal. For long-lasting, meaningful changes, other options might be better.

In the end, your decision should come down to your unique priorities and conditions. You know your goals and budget best. No matter what, though, you should soon enjoy a more attractive smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do snap-on veneers look realistic?

Everyone has their own opinions on what looks real and what looks fake. Ultimately, many snap-on veneer companies do an admirable job mimicking natural teeth. If a natural look is the goal, stick to the higher-tier models from the company you choose.

Can you eat and drink with snap-on veneers?

It depends. Some are designed for eating, others are not. However, you should be able to drink with any snap-on veneers in place as long as your beverages are not hot.

Are snap-on veneers uncomfortable?

We will be 100% honest and say, yes, they can be uncomfortable at first. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them — it just means your mouth hasn’t grown accustomed to them yet. Eventually, your tongue and lips will adjust and they’ll feel a lot more comfortable.

Will my snap-on veneers straighten my teeth?

These veneers place slight pressure on the teeth because they need a tight fit to prevent slippage. However, this force is not enough to physically shift teeth.

Do snap-on veneers cause lisps?

They can, but only when you’re first wearing them. This is because the veneers make your teeth thicker, altering where your tongue hits them. However, most people adjust to the change quickly and speak normally.

How long do snap-on veneers last?

This will depend on which company and model you choose, and how you treat your veneers. Premium models are typically designed to last longer, and if you take them out before you eat, you can extend their lifespan even more.

Are Removable Veneers USA products the same as DIY veneers?

No, they are significantly different. Removable Veneers USA are custom-crafted for your teeth, ensuring a quality fit and a unique look. DIY veneers are boil-and-bite products that all look the same and also risk damaging your teeth.

Is there an in-office option for snap-on veneers?

Yes, it is called Snap-On Smile. It is a snap-on veneer treatment only offered by dentists. Compared to at-home options, it is more customizable, with a full range of shades to choose from. Your dentist will customize the veneers once they arrive to ensure a perfect fit.

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