Mysore Masala Dosas' & Paneer Dosas + Samosas by "Dosa Deli" Mobile Indian Street Food Truck, London (2023)


✓ We did hear that these guys had a mobile food truck, but had never ever seen it until now, for us it was almost like the "Holy Grail" of Indian Street Food: did it exist or was the actual food truck just a fictional story, well we can happily confirm that it is very real and definitely does exist.....because we've finally seen it!!!

We were visiting the Punjabi Sikh Vaisaki celebrations in Trafalgar Square and right there before our very eyes (with Admiral Nelson keeping a close watch on things) was the elusive food truck and what a breathtaking truck it is; a fully kitted out "Mobile Dosa Kitchen" - fitted out with Clean Shiny Stainless Steel, Hand Wash Sinks, Hot Water Burner, Oil Fryer.

We even love the Electric Door and the South Indian Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil letters font:
* ദോശ - Malayalam language
* ದೋಸೆ - Kannada language
* தோசை - Tamil language

A Desi Indian Street Food Truck with the delicious aromas wafting from the dosa hotplate griddle.....can we have one of these parked up outside our house please!!!

* "Chilli Cheese Dosas" filled with Spiced Grated Paneer, Tomato Chutney, Red Onion & Tamarind Sauce.
* "Mysore Masala Dosa" Masala Potato Mash, Hot Garlic Chutney, Red Onion.
* Authentic Punjabi Samosas (authentic because the samosas were made by a Punjabi company in Southall.

The reason that we always look forward to seeing Dosa Deli is that the "Desi" items on their menu are inspired by their travels in India and really does remind us of the many times that we ate dosas in India at roadside stalls and restaurants.

They call them South Indian Rice & Lentil Pancake Wraps. Personally, if truth be told we really don't care what they are called because all we know is that the dosas' that these guys serve up are delicious and are always fully loaded.

Unlike some places there is nothing hidden and no secret to the recipe because everything is made in full view of customers just like in could very easily forget that the dosas being served up are here in the heart of "Proper London"

There may be other London Dosa Wallahs out there but we call them the "Dosa Sons". The Dosa Deli Guys are the original Dosa Kings of London.

If you remember we have caught up with these "Dosa Masters" at previous years Alchemy Festivals (here's links to videos we made of them then; 2014: & 2016:

"Mr & Mrs Dosa" (aka Amy and Kristian) are "Master Dosa Makers" having traveled in India & Asia, whilst along the way gleaning tasty secrets, hints & tips from expert cooks & chefs with the ultimate aim of creating delicious masterpiece recipes.

Dosa Deli are "street food troubadours" so if you want to know where they will be next, look out for messages of their schedule on their social media pages (or you could message them. Dosa Deli can be found serving dosas' at various locations in London & festivals in the U.K.

Here's links to Dosa Deli's social media:
Twitter: dosadeli
Instagram: dosadeli

A very special thank you to Kristian, Amy and all of the Dosa Deli team who very much welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to do the videoing even though they were extraordinarily busy.

The thing is; we usually catch up with the Dosa Deli guys at the Alchemy festival; but this year (2019) the Alchemy festival was not taking place. So it really was a pleasant surprise to chance upon them in Trafalgar Sq.

This video recorded on Saturday 27th April 2019 at Trafalgar Square.


What no problem you go to the information yeah you'll have to see Jesus going one you're vegan I enjoy my friends, been to India, yeah and you're back again, lovely back yeah and your van I've never seen around halos.

To this event we tend to it does vessels you go sights occasionally I'd like to enjoy the beauty babes, but I have to back it down.

At the end of the day we just closed.

The shutter and drove off approval is look as I do get to it before you get really busy.

Thank you, electronic door.

Your boiler, you'll burn up for your boiling hot water.

Yeah Bernalillo, stainless steel thinks things through everywhere.

Did your daughter play the familiar buffer play by today? You've got a we good, samosas, actually Punjabi samosas made by silicosis and samosas.

Oh geez masala chilli cheese.

This is tomato.

There goes my chili cheese, and this is near hot tomorrow.

That goes in our masala, fresh onion, so I absolutely love your van I love the fact that you've got a duster plate where you pull so go fry, you go double fry or you can have four beans in slows everything everything's vegetarian as well.

There's always lots of contamination.

Business I always make sure to coax my by at set point yeah.

Where did this thing go by where we stay Danny clobber, okay, well, catch the training we'll go over run by to find our own dishes.

You know! So it's just not as easy to say, and you know you before your Carver everything's closed.

They like to pick things up in Mumbai ya, know doses.

They will be doing different, so free suggests there's a baseball, Island dosa.

They are opposite missed by college.

They do incredible mix that versus Szechuan doses.

My saw as they do all sauce even to a custard Osen plan.

I'm gonna have to come to you and I will make my list of places to eat.

Well, give you a million tips yeah.

We aim.

Does all the research but she's amazing, yeah, well off the beaten track? A lot time you walk in these places, yeah Western is that way.

Nice places those illegal places.

If you blink yeah.

This is my first top of the ever been away, but overnight, over in India, so pretty, firstly, start saving those that start kind of our main business anyway coming to drop these one times they gave one bedroom.

Thank you 180, either chili cheese, dosa! Please, can I get a vegetable if I go iq order present.

Thank you.

This is yours.

My friend, thank you.

Thank you you're, hopefully, month, speak is a right thing.

We've got it.

You've got a season it initially.

So when we first have obviously some lovely big shiny bits deal, just we just keep rubbing oil on it.

Keep it heated totally takes about a few hours to get it to get it right and it obviously every toasty you make it seasons a little bit more ya know it's! Yes, it's got a lovely sight on it.

The thing is our other one, the more you make the thicker it gets with the char, which is not a bad thing.

It makes no difference.

It makes it on.

Stick but after a while you've got to strip it back the reason I don't splash.

Water is because, when you've got this buildup of an isotope of carbon on there twice too much water and I'll lift the carbon you get.

You end up with a mottled effect.

All over the steel pulls it off slightly.

So we've spacewar in the bottom of a pan just got stuff stuck to it.

It starts to bring it off right.

Same effect, yeah they've done a sneek job on it used to be a bus.

Oh yes, we bought off a guy.

We know you, you.


What is the difference between dosa and mysore dosa? ›

The difference is in the batter. The Mysore Masala Dosa served in Mumbai is crisp and white like the regular Dosa. Whereas the ones served in Mysore are crisp from outside and have a soft porous bite as well as texture. They have a nice golden brown color too.

Is Mysore Masala Dosa healthy? ›

Can healthy individuals have Mysore Masala Dosa? Yes, dosa works for healthy individuals. Dosa is a fermented food which is easy to digest. Fermentation of foods increases the bioavailability of nutrients which helps the body to assimilate more nutrition.

What is a Mysore Masala Dosa? ›

Mysore Masala Dosa is a rice and lentil pancake that has a chilli and garlic chutney spread on the inside and stuffed with a potato bhaji and served with a simple coconut chutney.

What is different about Mysore Masala Dosa? ›

What's The Difference? Mysore masala dosa's batter is prepared precisely like that of masala dosa, but onion, red chilli, tomato paste and fresh coconut are used while making it. People who love spicy food often order Mysore dosa.

Which is the most famous dosa in world? ›

Sankalp restaurant has been listed in the Guinness world records for making the longest dosas in the world. In the year 2013, the restaurant specialising in South Indian cuisine had made a 53 feet dosa!

What does Mysore masala dosa taste like? ›

It has a slight tangy taste due to the fermentation, and is savory rather than sweet. Without the filling, on its own it's called 'plain dosa' that can be eaten with a variety of vegetable curries. The accompaniments vary from state to state.

Is it OK to eat dosa everyday? ›

Undoubtedly, with so much benefits, it is considered healthy to eat dosas regularly.

Is it OK to eat masala dosa everyday? ›

So, even if your diet chart does not allow rice intake, such substituted options will make masala dosa a great addition to your diet plan. Apart from these points, it is considered to be a wholesome meal. It means that once you make dosa for breakfast, you will remain full for a long time.

Is eating masala dosa everyday healthy? ›

However, dosa is a healthy breakfast option for people who need a keep a check on their fat intake. A high amount of saturated fat increases the risk of heart diseases and a number of other health problems. Dosas are low on saturated fat, which makes them a healthy and safe breakfast option.

What is dosa called in English? ›

/ḍosā/ mn. dosa countable noun. In Indian cookery, a dosa is a crisp savoury pancake.

Which cheese is used in dosa? ›

Even a pizza sauce or schezwan sauce can be added. You can even just make the dosa with cheese and no spices or herbs. For cheese, you can use processed cheese or mozzarella cheese.

Is dosa healthy or unhealthy? ›

Dosa is rich in healthy carbohydrates and proteins, which makes it a healthy and wholesome delight for weight-watchers as it has everything to keep your nutrition count intact and is absolutely delicious.

Is masala dosa junk food? ›

Masala dosa is a low-calorie, nutritious meal which is light on the stomach and ideal for people with diabetes. A diabetic diet chart has many restrictions for a sugar patient. 1 Masala Dosa calories count qualifies being consumable. Ask your Nutritionist or Dietitician about calories in dosa sambar.

What is the difference between normal dosa and masala dosa? ›

Masala dosa is a roasted dosa served with potato curry, chutney and sambar; while Saada (plain) dosa is prepared with lighter texture, paper dosa is a thin and crisp version.

What is dosa called in America? ›

A third one pointed out why we even need these translations and gave examples of other popular dishes from different parts of the world that haven't been translated. "In US, Dosa becomes Naked Crepe, Vada is Dunked Doughnut, Idli is Rice cake.

Which dosa is costliest? ›

Recently an award was made in Hyderabad that has gotten everybody amused. The record that we're talking about is a Hyderabad eatery which has apparently served the most expensive dosa in the world. The dosa is laced with 24-Carat pure gold which makes it super-duper expensive.

Who is dosa king of usa? ›

Twenty years later, Mani Krishnan, the founder of Shastha Foods, is the undisputed 'dosa king' of the USA. Shastha Foods has sold over 170 million 'south Indian crepes', as they are lovingly known by the non-Indian population.

Why is Mysore masala dosa famous? ›

According to one of the local legends, the Maharaja of Mysore threw a lavish feast that resulted in copious amounts of left-overs. The kings ordered his chefs to think of a way that would reduce food wastage, and thus they came up with the ingenious idea of stuffing dosas with potatoes, lentils, ghee and spices.

Why is Mysore dosa famous? ›

“The Mysore Masala Dosa is special because around 50 years ago, the local restaurants made a red chutney with chillies and garlic. They applied it on the freshly-poured thick dosa batter.

How to eat Mysore masala dosa? ›

Since you can't dip the dosa in the masala because it's solid potatoes, wrap the dosa around the masala and then dip it in the chutney or sambar. This will give you a nice bite of the dosa and other ingredients. Wrapping the dosa around masala potatoes is the traditional way to eat masala dosa.

Which is healthier dosa or chapati? ›

Facts about the Chapatti

Your fat consumption from chapatti is around 0.4 g and your protein consumption is around 2.73 g. These figures make the chapatti a clear winner when it comes to calorie consumption and the percentage of protein.

Why do we feel sleepy after eating dosa? ›

When you eat a meal high in carbohydrates it results in a spike in insulin. Next, the insulin makes more tryptophan entre the brain and further it converts into serotonin that makes you feel good and then melatonin that makes you feel sleepy.

Which is better idli or dosa? ›

Dosa batter has less urad dal compared to an idli batter. One idli will provide 33 calories. Eating four idlis will give 132 calories which are still less than a plain dosa. Rice content in dosa batter is more, affecting your weight loss targets more than idlis.

Is paneer good for you? ›

Paneer is a rich source of protein and nutrition. It is full of mineral elements such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. This may play a central role in regulating and lowering high blood pressure. A healthy balanced diet with paneer containing these minerals and proteins might keep a check on your blood pressure.

Is dosa healthier than pizza? ›

 Low in Fat: Dosa is a healthy food because it contains very less saturated fat, which is a good thing as pizza has high saturated fat which increases the risk of heart diseases.

Is idli better than rice? ›

And since there is no oil content in idli, the calorie content is also relatively low. But because idlis are made of rice and rice is high in carbs you can increase the content of urad dal or rava in the idli batter in comparison to rice.

How many dosas should I eat? ›

It is also free from unhealthy fats so that your heart functions healthy for a long period. Usually, one medium to big size dosa (made at home, not the ones they serve in restaurants) has 133 calories. Eating two dosas for a meal is good to keep you full for long.

Is paneer masala dosa healthy? ›

Paneer dosa is often served with coconut chutney and sambar, a lentil-based vegetable stew. It can also be enjoyed as a standalone snack or meal. Paneer dosa is a healthy and filling option that is rich in protein and other nutrients.

Is dosa good for diabetes? ›

The Benefits of Dosa for Diabetes

Dosa is a popular South Indian dish made from fermented rice and lentils. It is low in fat and high in fiber, which makes it a good choice for people with diabetes. The fiber in dosa can help regulate blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream.

What is Mysore dosa called? ›

The original Mysore masala dosa, also known as Mylari dosa in Mysore, has very humble origins. The Vinayaka Mylari Hotel, the original creators of this amazing Mysore masala dosa still tantalizes the taste buds of all those in search of it.

What is the difference between Bangalore masala dosa and Mysore masala dosa? ›

The main difference between Mysore masala dosa and Karnataka masala dosa is that the Mysore version is first basted with a red chili garlic chutney before any fillings are put inside. It's eaten with sambhar and coconut (white) and chana dal (red) chutneys.

What is the famous dosa in Mysore? ›

We're talking about the Mylari Dosa, Mysore's favourite dish found in a humble restaurant. Hotel Vinayak Mylari, despite its name, is anything but.


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