Bars Near Me: Top 5 Best Bars Closest to Your Location (2022 Updates) (2023)

Bars near me are always a good choice for people to relax, have fun, and even meet some new people.

However it could be difficult to find the perfect bar for you, espceially the one near your area. There seem to be so many options available, like the live music bars, the sports bars, restaurant bars, bars and grills nearby, providing you with totally different vibes and experiences.

Even with a clear target of what you’re going for, you could be wondering which one is the best bar around you and needs advice from others in terms of the popularity and ordering tips.

Now we’ve made things easy for you with our informative Bars Near Me Locator, a quick list of top 5 bars near you, tips to find best bars nearby, and a newbies guide for those going to a bar for the first time.

Table of Content:

  • Bars Near Me Locator
  • Top 5 Bars Close to You
  • How to Find Best Bars Nearby

Bars Near Me Locator: Find Bars Open Near You

This locator will reveal all the bars near your current location automatically. Whatever bars you are looking for, you will find the one that closest to you now with all information you need.

Just a kind reminder: Check your GPS status and make sure it is turned on so the map can show the bars and pubs near you correctly. Plus, proxies should be avoid for the map to work.

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Here’re some critical information you might be looking for in this Bars Near Me locator:

#1. Bars open near me

Now you can easily find bars open now near you or the late night bars near me with the map, thanks to its built-in filtering functions.

Click on “Hours” and select “open now”, the map will be updated automatically to show only the bars near me open currently.

Bars Near Me: Top 5 Best Bars Closest to Your Location (2022 Updates) (1)

#2. Best bars near me

To find the most ideal bars near you, you can use a combination of the filters including the bar ratings, prices, and opening hours. In this way, you can find some really good bars near you that suits your needs with high recommendations from real customers (and also get a heads up on the worest ones to avoid).

Bars Near Me: Top 5 Best Bars Closest to Your Location (2022 Updates) (2)

Later this post, we will provide a list of the good bars nearby including outdoor bars, sport bars, music bars, and the ones with food, wines, and dances to help you chill out a little bit.

#3. More bars near me

For more specific types of bar searches, for example the all-you-can-eat salad bars, dive bars, bars with pool tables, rooftop bars, bars with live music or outdoor sittings, dance bars, country bars, or anything you want, you can use the search function embeded in the map.

The Bars Near Me locator works in a way to find the most qualified bars nearest to you by matching your searches with customer reviews (most of the times). So it’s also convenient for you to check what others say about the services you are looking for.

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If you accidentally come to this page for something else (like juice bars or oyster bars instead of wine or cocktail bar types), it’s also very easy to find the right locations with new searches.

Bars Near Me: Top 5 Best Bars Closest to Your Location (2022 Updates) (3)

5 Best Bars in the USA

Best bars near me is really a matter of preference. Some people might thrive in a bright room with a very social crowd. Some want a dark dive bar with a more low-key feel. While some may want low music, and others want it loud.

Here we’ve catered the needs for all types of people who want to get a drink with a definitive list of bars you might find around your city. Check them out and experience the joy of bars near you!

#1. Service Bar (Washington, D.C)

  • Ooverall impression (4.6 star rating): Quirky, laid-back hangout for cocktails & fried chicken eats boasting an intimate bar-within-bar.
  • Atmosphere: casual & cozy
  • Hours: usually 5PM – 2AM
  • Service: Dine-in; takeout
  • Menu: Check it out
  • Offerings: Alcohol, beer, cocktails, food, hard liquor, wine
  • Highlights: Fast service, great cocktails & live perforamces
  • Popular items: Fried chicken, Blood Orange Painkiller
  • Customer review: “Food is tasty and the drinks strong yet prices are budget friendly”

#2. Tulip Shop Tavern (Portland, Oregon)

  • Overall impression (4.6 star rating): Sandwiches, bar bites & cocktails served up in a chilled-out venue with a hip vibe & a terrace.
  • Atmosphere: casual & cozy
  • Hours: 12pm – 12am (Sunday – Thursday); 12pm – 1am (Friday & Saturday)
  • Service: outdoor seating, takeout, dine-in
  • Menu: Check it out
  • Offerings: Alcohol, beer, cocktails, food, hard liquor, wine
  • Highlights: Fast service, great beer selection, great cocktails
  • Popular items: Beer, burger, taco salad
  • Customer review: “Killer beer list, great cocktails, free peanuts & legit onion rings.”

#3. Sake Bar Decibel (New York)

  • Overall impression (4.5 stars rating): Underground sake bar offering a large list of varietals along with Japanese snacks.
  • Atmosphere: Casual & Cozy
  • Opening Hours: 6 pm -12 am (6 pm – 2 am Friday & Saturday)
  • Services: Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in
  • Menu: Check it out
  • Offerings: Alcohol, beer, cocktails, food, hard liquor, wine
  • Highlights: Fast services, great cocktails, great bar snacks
  • Popular items: Whisky highball, lychee martini
  • Customer review: “Very cool and hip vibe and delicious small-portion dishes.”

#4. Valkyrie (Tulsa)

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  • Overall impression (4.7 star rating): Chill bar offering seasonal cocktails, craft beer & a huge whiskey list amid industrial-chic decor.
  • Atmosphere: Casual, cozy, and upscale
  • Opening Hours: 5pm – 2am (Closed on Monday)
  • Services: Dine-in
  • Menu: Check it here
  • Offerings: Alcohol, beer, cocktails, food, wine
  • Highlights: Great bar food, great beer selection, great cocktails, and great wine list
  • Popular items: Seasonal cocktails, the Oklahoma
  • Customer review: “Great cocktails, beers, atmosphere and mostly importantly; service.”

#5. Tonga Hut (Los Angeles)

  • Overall impression (4.5 star rating): Laid-back tiki bar offering fruity drinks, lava-rock fountains & eclectic tunes on the jukebox.
  • Atmosphere: Casual and cozy
  • Hours: 4pm – 12 am (opening at 2pm on Satuday & Sunday)
  • Services: Dine-in, outside food is allowed
  • Menu: Check it here
  • Offerings: Alcohol, beer, cocktails, happy hour drinks, wine
  • Highlights: Fast service, great cocktails
  • Popular items: Tiki menu items (Mai Tai, Navy Grog); Nutty Chi Chi Cocktail
  • Customer review: “Super cool atmosphere, best happy hour prices in LA, music is lacking”

View the full list here. You can check whether your local bars are on the list and let us know in the comment if there are any great bars around your area that’s worth a visit.

Bars Near Me: Top 5 Best Bars Closest to Your Location (2022 Updates) (4)

How to Find Best Bars Nearby

Is there any convenient way to find best bars nearby? You will not want to try every single one out and bar hop. Here are some handy tips for you to save your time locating the best fun bars around your area.

#1. Do Your Research

It’s important to know where you want to go, what kind of vibe you prefer, and purposes of going to the bar (like whether it’s for fun or meeting new people).

Besides using the Bars Near Me locator as explained in detail earlier, you can also check out TripAdvisor which provides a list of thousands of bars nearby or any location you entered.

Note that the results are within the restaurants collection and are based on customers’ mention of “bars”, so there could be more nearby bar and grills. Also be mindful about the sponsored results which is a paid impression although they can be good bars nearby.

#2. Avoid City Center

Admittedly, there are many popular nice bars near the city center since the high demand coming from the crowds. However, bars in city center are not the first choice for trying out new bars considering the inflated price due to their high rents.

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Instead, trying out the local bars nearby is a wiser choice. They tend to have better menus with impressive quality and less cost.

#3. Take Advantage of Technology

In this information age, technology makes a lot of things easier including finding the best bars near you. The social media communities are a good example that connects you with other people who share similar interests.

You can easily find a bar lovers’ group and best bars near you by searching a specific tag plus the city you are in. You might even befriend with some locals who will guide you to the best bars near the area on the Internet.

Asking the local reddit community is also a good approach to find recommendations on good bars nearby.

And don’t paint your perception of ‘the bar scene’ based on one or two bars you tried since each of them is different. Look around until you find the real gems for you.

Newbies Guide to Bars & Pubs

What’s common bar etiquette that a bar newbie should follow? If you are going to the bar near you for the first time, you might have similar confusion.

Don’t be nervous. Following the tips below and enjoy the bar!

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  • Have your ID ready to show the bartender when you first show up at a bar.
  • Try to think about what you want before going up to the bar.
  • Don’t change your drink more than once per night if it’s busy.
  • The drink list or menu you see is oftentimes just a few specialty cocktails.
  • You can get beer or a basic cocktail if you are indecisive.
  • To order a drink, you just need to hold up your money, make eye contact, and the bar bartender will come over.
  • You will pay after the bartender delivers your drink.
  • Small bills are preferred since making change can be difficult.
  • Tipping is generally expected in the U.S (at least one dollar a drink is mostly expected).
  • You can leave the tip at the tip jar or the gutter.
  • If you go to a bar near me often and want to be remembered, tip big the first few times.
  • Empty glasses or bottles should be left on the bar or on the table.
  • Emptiness is also a sign of reordering.
  • If you are going to a sports bar near you, you can make reasonable requests for watching other games if there are full of TVs.
  • Try sports bars can be fun, especially when the local team is playing, even if you are not that into sports. The energy is infectious in the sports bars.
  • It’s acceptable to ask about happy hour any time before 7pm but asking if they have specials will make you look like a tool. If the bar has specials, they’ll be prominently displayed.
  • If you’re going to vomit, go to the toilette or a trash can.


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